• Baptismal certificate – dated within 6 months of marriage date
  • Confirmation certificate (available from parish of baptism)
  • Letter of freedom (available from parish of baptism, or if have moved & lived in a number of places a sworn affidavit with a solicitor)
  • Pre- marriage course:  Accord pre-marriage courses This can be done in your own area of residence. Also Esker Retreat Centre 091- 844549 or
  • Also the pre- marriage course at Mount Argus in Dublin is another option “Together pre Marriage Course 01-2964257
  • The only approved pre- marriage courses for the Diocese of Killaloe are the above mentioned three (Accord, Esker Pre- Marriage Course, and “Together” Mount Argus.)
  • In the situation of an inter-faith marriage i.e. catholic & member of another religion or non-baptised person it is necessary to get a dispensation from the local bishop (diocesan office). The local priest in your area will direct you on this matter. All paperwork must firstly go to the local bishop of the area in which you live & then in turn be sent to the Bishop of Killaloe, Westbourne, Ennis, Co. Clare.
  • Civil registration
  • 3 months notice must be given to the state. You as a couple need to make an appointment to meet in person with any civil registrar to give notice of your intention to marry. On presenting yourself you need to bring the following documentation & details with you to the registrar office

In general, all couples will be asked to produce:

  • Passport (must be in date)
  • Birth certificate
  • If either party is divorced, original final decrees in respect of all previous divorces
  • If either party has a civil partnership dissolution – original dissolutions in respect of all previous civil partnerships
  • If widowed, death certificate of the previous spouse and the civil marriage certificate for their first marriage
  • If a surviving civil partner – the death certificate(s) of the previous civil partner(s) and the civil partnership registration certificate(s)
  • If party to a civil partnership or marriage that was annulled by an irish court – the final decree of nullity and a letter from the relevant court confirming that no appeal was lodged
  • Their PPS numbers (where either or both of the parties have one)
  • Fee of €200 as above
  • Names & dates of birth of both witnesses
  • Name of church where you wish to be married
  • Date of marriage
  • Name & address of priest (solemniser) who will officiate at marriage
  • If one or both parties reside outside the state an application form must be obtained from the registrar’s office, be completed & returned to that office. The couple must present themselves before the registrar at least 5 days before the wedding date. They will be given the registration form (green folder) which they must present to the marriage solemniser (priest), otherwise the marriage cannot be registered
  • After the wedding the couple are responsible for returning the signed marriage registration form to the office of the registrar. This must be done within one month of the wedding
  • Pre- nuptial enquiry form to be filled out with local priest & who in turn will send to parish where marriage is to take place or in case of inter-faith marriage will send to local bishop or if couple are coming outside the country
  • Ceremony itself: choice of readings, exchange of vows, prayers of the faithful etc. Consult with priest who is to officiate at your wedding. Helpful website

You Can Download Our Marriage Booking Form Here

Parish Contacts:

  • Parish office secretary- Geraldine O’ Halloran.  Monday & Tuesday 9 am – 5 p.m. Wednesday 9am – 1 p.m. Contact Number 065-6839735 /
  • Fr. Pat Larkin 065-6839735 / 087-2300627 /
  • Canon Michael McLaughlin 065-6839332 / 086-2213025

Contact Details of Marriage Registrars in Different Areas:

  • Registration Office, Sir Patricks Duns Hospital, Lower Gran Canal St. 01-6787114/5
  • Registration Office, Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard St. East. 01-6711000/01-6354423/4
  • Registration Office, Sandfield Centre, Ennis, Co. Clare. 065-6868050
  • Civil Registration Service (Marriages) 1890-252076