Safeguarding Children Policy

All of us share the serious responsibility and privilege of trying to ensure that our children grow up in an environment where they are treasured, respected and loved and are free from danger of any form of abuse. The diocese of Killaloe takes its commitment to safeguarding children very seriously. We have published our policies and procedures in accordance with Standards and Guidance Document for the Catholic Church in Ireland. We are fully compliant with all the provisions of civil law in this area.

The parish of Inch/ Kilmaley/ Connolly values and promotes the involement of its young people and children in the life of its community.

We want our young people to be respected, included and have a voice.

We aim to create an environment where children are confident that they are safe.

The parish strives to ensure the safety of all its workers and volunteers in its interaction with young people and children.

Our parish is committed to working with statutory authorities in the task of safeguarding children.

The designated people to receive complaints where there are concerns about the safety of children are

  • Ms. Cleo Yates (086) 809 60 27
  • Fr. Pat Malone (086) 809 60 74

If you need any further information in relation to safegurding in our parish please contact any of our local Parish Safeguarding Representatives

Frances Connellan, John McMahon, Anne Grace, Martina Custy

Code of Conduct

  1. Children, Young People and Adults treat each other with respect.
  2. All children, young people and adults are treated fairly and equitable.
  3. If a child, parent/guardian is unhappy with any aspect of the child’s/young person’s care, all aspects of any complaint will be considered by a third party.
  4. Children, young people and adults will use respectful language at all times.
  5. Children, young people and adults will respect the individual’s right to privacy.
  6. The physical integrity (no inappropriate physical conduct) of children, young people or adults will be respected.
  7. Children, young people and adults with respect the property and premises connected with parish activities.
  8. Children and young people will not be given alcohol or illegal drugs under any circumstances.

Diocesan Policy & Procedures for Safeguarding Children

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