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Diocesan Appointments- 2017

Bishop Fintan Monahan, Bishop of Killaloe has made the following appointments in the diocese.


Vicar General

Fr. Des Hillery, PP, Nenagh was appointed Vicar General of the Diocese during the year.


Fr. Joe Hourigan to retire as Parish Priest but continuing to lead the sacramental and pastoral work in the parish. Fr. Albert McDonnell, to take on the administration of the parish and become the Parish Priest in addition to his existing duties.


Fr. Martin O’Brien to retire as PP of Tulla and to take extended leave from duty on medical advice.

St. Flannan’s College

Fr. Ignatius McCormack, Adm., Quin appointed Principal of St. Flannan’s College.


To be covered by Ennis Parish, pro-tem, supported by the Abbey cluster. Fr. Tom O’Gorman as Adm., continuing to live in the Presbytery, Cloughleigh. (Effective from the 1st of September)


To be covered by Ennis Parish, pro-tem, supported by the East- Clare cluster. Fr. Brendan Quinlivan as Adm., continuing to live in the Presbytery, Ennis. (Effective from the 1st of August)

Pastoral Development

Fr. Gerard Nash, Diocesan Secretary to be Episcopal Vicar for Pastoral Development.


Fr. Arnold Rosney, CC, Shannon, who was appointed co-ordinator of the World Meeting of Families for the diocese to continue as curate in Shannon and also to join the diocesan communications team.

The diocese looks forward to continuing the restructuring work of parishes and clusters to best meet the pastoral needs with the resources available.

Thank you to the clergy, religious and lay people who work so diligently to celebrate and live the faith in so many ways in the diocese.