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Christmas Mass Schedule for Kilmaley Parish


Date Time Church
Christmas Eve 10.00am Kilmaley
Christmas Eve 8.00pm Kilmaley (Behind closed doors)
Christmas Day 9.15am Inch (Behind closed doors)
10.30am Connolly (Behind closed doors)
St Stephen’s Day 7.30pm Kilmaley
27th December 2020 9.15am Kilmaley
10.30am Kilmaley
28th & 29th December 2020 10.00am Connolly
30th December 8.00pm Inch
31st December 10.00am Kilmaley

DISTRIBUTION OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be distribution of Holy Communion after each mass at the following times: Christmas Eve Kilmaley from 8.45pm to 9.15pm Christmas Day Inch 10.00am to 10.30am, Connolly 11.15am to 11.45am.

Please Note:  There is no Special Children’s Mass this year. It was not an easy decision for the Parish Council to suspend the public celebration of Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In the interest of Health, safety, and fairness to parishioners, it was the view of the council that it was the only option.  Masses from all three Churches will be broadcast via Kilmaley Parish live mass Facebook.   It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to access this page.